Even more installation convenience with the DoorFlow air curtain

The DoorFlow maintenance-free air curtain has been a familiar sight in the Biddle climate separation range for many years.

To improve the installation process as well as the correct operation of the air curtain, all water units are now equipped with a factory fitted 3-way valve as standard. As a result, the air curtain can be installed much more quickly, which saves both installation time and money.

The DoorFlow comfort air curtain ensures that the doors of shops and public buildings can remain open. An open door is accessible and inviting, which contributes greatly to customer-friendliness.  The DoorFlow heats the cold outside air as it enters the room and at the same time prevents warm air leaving the premises via the top of the open doorway. This saves a significant amount of energy and prevents draught problems. If you wish to find out more about how the DoorFlow range can help you improve your entrance environment then please contact us.


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