Meet SensAir, the new generation in comfort, control and energy efficiency

Intelligent climate control
Introducing the next generation comfort air curtain. The SensAir is the culmination of Biddle’s over 60 years’ experience in air curtain design, and goes to a whole new level of efficiency, aesthetics, comfort and low noise levels. Designed with built-in intelligence, SensAir detects indoor and outdoor temperatures, self-adjusts its comfort settings, and supplies conditioned air at comfort levels that are perfect for your customer, whilst making considerable energy savings.

Clever controls sense for optimum comfort
The SensAir is equipped with Biddle’s innovative auto active control, which incorporates technology that can ensure the perfect setting for any given indoor climate. Utilising i-sense, the SensAir measures indoor and outdoor temperatures active in the door opening, then provides data so that it can supply conditioned air at optimum temperature, volume and velocity to meet customers’ exact comfort requirements.

Confirming comfort performance
The SensAir provides evidence of comfort levels and energy efficiency through the monitoring options available. Whilst remote monitoring of the climate separations is possible through b-touch: SensAir’s touchscreen control, connecting to a BMS is easy through a standard Modbus protocol connection.

Smart energy savings
Corrective temperature technology and flexible control choices means that the SensAir conserves energy. Keeping warm air inside the building and cold air outside, whilst intelligently using as little power as necessary.

It all makes good sense
Available as an unobtrusive recessed model, or as a wall-hanging option, the SensAir is designed to accommodate door heights from 2 to 4 m. The SensAir can be configured to draw warm air from conventional sources such as electric heating and hot water, as well as DX and is available as hybrid and ambient models. A stylish, slim-line profile, lower noise output and a choice of colour options on the logo and end panels, makes the SensAir the smart choice for any frequently used commercial entrance.


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